Roof and floor ventilation for any type of company car or vehicle

Does your freight require aeration of the cargo space? We have both floor and roof ventilation in the collection to provide the loading space of your company car with fresh outside air.

When a new device is installed in his company car, one should take into account what will be transported in the company car. The technical adjustments that are made to the car must be geared to this.

By installing ventilation grilles in the bottom of the vehicle or ventilation and ventilation elements in the roof of the vehicle, you are assured of a safe company car.

We supply mechanical, electrical roof fans, venting products and floor ventilation. We have a solution for every type of company car or vehicle such as motorhome, caravan and transporter. View all our vehicle ventilations here, or go quickly to:

Rooftop ventilator LeMans LL 12V
€ 211,64 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator LeMans 12V
€ 132,14 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator Turbo2
€ 111,10 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator Turbo3
€ 98,07 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator Winglet
€ 112,00 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator round 12V
€ 125,91 Excl. tax
Exhaust unit
€ 49,99 Excl. tax
Speed controller
€ 58,93 Excl. tax
Connection set economic
€ 52,30 Excl. tax
3 step switch
€ 12,10 Excl. tax
Connection set Luxe
€ 64,90 Excl. tax
3 step switch with symbol
€ 21,69 Excl. tax
Closable grill Luxe
€ 39,99 Excl. tax
Closable grill Economic
€ 38,50 Excl. tax
Grill Ø270 mm
€ 19,28 Excl. tax
Grill Ø140 mm
€ 15,40 Excl. tax
MS Polymer Kit
€ 12,60 Excl. tax
Complete set Economic
€ 304,95 Excl. tax
Complete set Luxury
€ 325,00 Excl. tax
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