Ventilation for motorhomes and caravans

Good ventilation in your motorhome, VW Caddy or caravan is essential for a comfortable stay in your vehicle. At you will find everything you need to properly ventilate your motorhome or caravan. Including ventilation grilles, floor ventilation and roof fans.

Prevent condensation

Condensation can form in the motorhome or caravan while sleeping and cooking. If there is not enough ventilation, mold or rust spots can develop. To prevent this, an electric roof fan is ideal. Such an electric roof fan also works when your vehicle is stationary. Take a look at the LeMans 12V roof fan, for example. This roof ventilator can extract or supply fresh air. This extraction is ideal when cooking in the camper. Connect it with ease with a 3-step switch. The rooftop ventilator round 12V also has the same functions.

Sleeping in the camper or caravan

Want to turn on the roof fan while you sleep? In that case, make sure that you choose a silent roof fan and, if necessary, provide it with a speed controller. With the speed controller you can make the fan run harder or softer. This also ensures that the roof fan is quieter when you turn it down.

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Complete set Economic
€ 304,95 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator Winglet
€ 112,00 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator LeMans 12V
€ 132,14 Excl. tax
Rooftop ventilator round 12V
€ 125,91 Excl. tax
Sortimo Side aerator small
€ 66,11 Excl. tax
3 step switch
€ 12,10 Excl. tax
2 step switch
€ 9,95 Excl. tax
3 step switch with symbol
€ 21,69 Excl. tax
Speed controller
€ 58,93 Excl. tax
Gill plate 230x230 mm
€ 12,65 Excl. tax
Gill plate 205x265 mm
€ 12,65 Excl. tax
Sortimo Gill plate 232x113 mm
€ 19,47 Excl. tax
Sortimo  floor vent
€ 105,49 Excl. tax
Roof hatch 530 x 530 mm
€ 263,50 Excl. tax
Roof hatch 970 x 530 mm
€ 297,50 Excl. tax
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